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  1. Create a record, using the authority record creation macro present in the “Authority Validation Dialog” (make sure that “Authority Validation” is active in Voyager preferences).  To activate the Create button, you must first click on the row in the Authority Validation dialog box corresponding to the heading that you want to create.

    If, in the creation process, the macro software tells you that it “can’t find information for 670 $b in the 245," you will choose between 2 options:

    1. Highlight any desired information in the macro’s displayed 245 field data and click “OK”;
    2. Click “No 670$b” and add the 670 |b from scratch, using information in your piece.

    After the macro has created a record, check that the information was created correctly [sometimes Mac, the little macro guy inside your PC, is asleep]:

    040LRU |c LRU
    1xxidentical to the heading used in the bib record
    670<author, title, pub’n date of bib record>: |b t.p. (<information about 1xx field, as taken from the 245|c>) [Note: The 670|b will not exist, if you chose “No 670$b”]

  2. Edit the record:
    Note:  you don’t need to add “|5 HT” to fields, because everything in record is ours, but if you’re using a macro which contains that element, you may leave it in.

    • 008 field:
      • “Cataloging Rules”:  Change to “z”
      • “Level of Establishment”:  Change to “c”
      • “Reference Evaluation”:  If a cross-reference was created by the macro or will be added, change code to “[blank]”.

      [Note:  NACO-trained catalogers may input other codes as applicable, if desired]

    • 040 field:  Macro should have supplied:  LRU |c LRU

    • 100:  [Note that the form must match that in the bib record; if you decide to change it, you must change it in both places; watch also for other records with headings using any form.]

    • 400:  Add any needed cross-references, using correct form and indicators.

    • 670:  If necessary, edit the 670 field which was created by the macro from the piece being cataloged.

  3. Statistics:  Record on the “TULANET Authority Records” statistics sheet as “Additions -- Original.”

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