Summary of Final Punctuation in Bib Record Fields:
Book Cataloguing

This document currently covers fields typically used in cataloguing books (print monographs).  It does not include all fields used in cataloguing other types of materials, such as serials, electronic materials, or maps.

This guide is intended for use in original cataloguing.  Copy cataloguers may find it of interest for information but should not take the time to edit final punctuation in existing copy.

The list here has been compiled as a brief summary guide to an area that in AACR2/LCRI has become very complex.  For further details and examples, please see LCRI 1.0C.

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Always a final period Never a final period
Sometimes a final period List by field

Always a final period

245 and 250 fields should each always end with a period.   This rule applies even if the final period immediately follows a different punctuation mark.   (A period at the end of an abbreviation that ends the field content is not followed by a second period.)

Final punctuation or ‡5, but only sometimes a period

A final punctuation mark is needed unless ‡5 is present.  However, if a hyphen, closing parenthesis, closing bracket, question mark, or exclamation mark is present, no period is needed.   Please note that a closing quotation mark should be placed after a period, so the quotation mark counts as final punctuation.

A partial exception5xx:  A period generally does follow a parenthesis or closing bracket at the end of a note; see 5xx below for examples.

Any ‡5 subfield should follow the period or other punctuation ending the preceding content of the field.

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Never a final period

A period should never appear as the ending designation of any of the following fields:

Apparent -- but not actual -- exception:  A period at the end of an abbreviation that ends the field content is retained, including a period at the end of an ordinal number.

E.g.    246 18  Welsh garden design history, late 19th cent.

E.g.    490 1    Probleme der Ägyptologie ; ‡v 27. Bd.

E.g.    490 1    Conférence de Talcy ; ‡v 8.
               [lecture series; statement appears in book as "huitième Conférence de Talcy"]

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List by field

5xxSometimes (usually)

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