Notes on Editing DLC/CIP Records (Books Format)

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040   a DLC c DLC
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CIP records are based on information supplied to LC by publishers (either as printed galley proofs or in electronic form) prior to the publication of the books.  By the time that the book is published, some of the information may have changed.

General guidelines

Guidelines for cataloguing DLC/CIP records are very similar to those for full-level and core-level DLC cataloguing (DLC below), with caveats as noted below and distinctive procedures marked with a double asterisk (**).

See also DLC Editing Guidelines (Books Format).  If you have any questions about cataloguing DLC/CIP records, ask Bruce or your trainer.

Review the same fields that should be reviewed for DLC.  Check for the standard tagging, coding, and spelling problems.  Errors tend to be more likely in CIP records.


** Add:

a    pagination
b    ill.
When illustrations of any type are present, use the generic term ill.  Include space-colon-space b before ill.

E.g.    xvi, 376 p. : b ill.

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Watch especially carefully for the following

Correct, add, or delete as needed.

a and b
Variations in title, including different wording, additional wording, subtitle and main title reversed, only one of them present, etc.

Omitted names, names presented differently, names in different order, etc.

Different date.  Also change date when necessary in fixed field and at end of call number!

4xx, 8xx
Series titles presented differently (different wording, titles in different order, etc.)

Add series that are in the book but missing from the record.  Delete series that are present in the record but cannot be found in the book.

Any subject heading that seems to be obviously inappropriate for the topic of the book, based on its title.  (When looking through pre-publication proofs, the cataloguer might have misinterpreted the subject, or the scope might have changed by the time that the book was actually published.)  Delete clearly inappropriate subject headings.

For co-authors or editors, add missing added entries.  Delete added entries for names or titles that do not actually appear in the book.

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**    Code:

948 c:      c    (CIP)

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