LC Cutter Table

Taken from the Library of Congress Classification and Shelflisting Manual, G63, section 2, current as of July 2010.

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Cutter for 2nd letterCuttering for numerals
Cutter for expansion (3rd letter, etc.)

Cutter Table

Cutter for 2nd letter

Type of initial letterPositionLetter and numerical value
After initial vowels
for 2nd letter:b      d     l-m      n      p      r      s-t      u-y
use number:2      3       4       5      6      7       8        9 
After initial S
for 2nd letter:a     ch      e      h-i      m-p      t        u      w-z
use number:2      3      4         5         6       7      8        9 
After initial Qu
for 3rd letter:a      e       i      o      r       t      y
use number:3      4      5      6      7      8       9
For initial Qa-Qt
for 2nd letter:a-t
use numbers:2-29
After other initial consonants
(i.e., not S or Q)
for 2nd letter:a      e       i      o      r       u      y
use number:3      4      5      6      7      8       9

Cutter for expansion (3rd letter, etc.)

For expansion(3rd letter, etc.)Letter and numerical value
for letter:a-d     e-h      i-l     m-o      p-s       t-v      w-z
use number 3        4         5        6        7          8         9

Cuttering for numerals:

Use .A12-.A19.

When assigning a numeral cutter for the first time under a particular class number, generally tend to use a cutter towards the middle of the .A12-.A19 span, to leave room for numeral cutters for subsequent records to file on both sides of that cutter.

(The only exception to using this span occurs under class numbers that use .A5 for documents; in the latter case, file cutters for numerals to be as close after .A5 as possible.)

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