Checklist for Matching Editions

This checklist provides brief guidelines for selecting a record to use for downloading, cataloguing, or adding items. For fuller explanations and examples, you may consult the document "Editions and Printings."

To match the piece, a record needs to meet all relevant criteria listed below. Prefer a record in which everything matches; different criteria may need to be balanced against each other. (You may use extra leeway in matching CIP, previous CIP, and UKM records, since they may contain erroneous information.) If you are not sure how to apply the guidelines, ask.

Document sections

A.Edition statements E.Physical description
B.Places of publication F.Series
C.Publishers G.Multivolume titles
D.Dates H.Photocopies and microforms

I.    A.      Edition statements

                1.    English language

                       The following types of edition statements must match:

                       a.    Numbered edition statements (1st ed. can match with no edition statement).

                       b.    Terms indicating revision or correction.

                       c.     Terms indicating a particular scope or audience.

                      The following types of statements are not critical for matching:

                       d.    Paperback edition statements (unless numbered 2nd or higher) or other statements reflecting simply a                               difference in binding.

                       e.    Book club edition statements.

                       f.    Simple printing statements.

               2.     Foreign languages   (see also "Foreign-Language Terms for Edition and Printing")

                      a.     The following types of statements represent distinct editions and must match:

                              1)     Terms for edition accompanied by terms indicating revision of some type. (See also                                        "Foreign-Language Terms for Edition and Printing," section 2.)

                              2)     Terms for edition accompanied by the name or abbreviation of a publisher or series name.

                      b.     Statements including terms that mean "printing" or that indicate that the text is unchanged do                               not affect matching. (See also "Foreign-Language Terms for Edition and Printing," section 3.)

                      c.     In other cases, other elements of the piece and record should be consulted.

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I.    B.     Places of publication

              1.     Single place:

                      a.     Same place:  Matches regardless of form of name.

                      b.     Different places:  Must be in same country.

              2.     Multiple places:  Matches as long as one of the places in the item is present in the record.

              3.     Missing places:  Can still match.

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I.    C.     Publishers

               1.    Single publisher:

                      a.     Same publisher:  Matches regardless of form of name, unless difference reflects a name change.

                      b.     Different publisher:  Not a match.

               2.    Multiple publishers:  Matches as long as one of the publishers in the item is present in the record, provided                       that no other factors prevent a match. (Watch out for "ghost" publishers.)

               3.    Missing publisher:  Can still match.

               4.    Publisher on label:  Information about the publisher specified on the label should be present somewhere in the                       record for it to be a match.

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I.    D.     Dates

               Search carefully. Generally prefer the record with the earliest acceptable date(s), which usually cannot be later                than the latest significant date in your piece. If you have any questions, be sure to ask them.

               1.    The following types of dates must match for the record to be a match (unless you suspect an error):

                      a.     Dates associated with explicit English-language edition statements or genuine foreign-language                               edition statements.

                      b.     Copyright dates, if no other dates or only printing dates are present. Match on the latest copyright date                               that applies to the entire work.


                             1)     Foreign-language books:  Accept record with earlier copyright date if everything else matches and                                      there is no better match.

                             2)     Bracketed publication date:  Accept record with bracketed publication date later than copyright date                                      in piece if there is evidence that the actual publication date was later than that copyright date.

               2.    The following types of dates may or may not be significant, depending on the context:

                      a.     Title-page dates:  Combined with other distinctive elements, title-page dates are likely to represent                               actual publication dates. If there are no additional differences between a record with an earlier date and the                               piece, a title-page date is probably just a printing date.

                      b.     Printing dates when no other dates are provided:  Combined with other distinctive elements, printing                               dates are likely to represent actual publication dates. If there are no additional differences between a                               record with an earlier date and the piece, a printing date is not significant.

                      c.     Dépôt légal dates:  Generally significant only when there are no other dates in the piece.

                      d.     Corrected dates -- dates in a record followed by "[i.e.]" with another date:  Use record if either date is                               present in your piece, there are no conflicts, and no better record is available.

               3.    The following categories generally do not matter for matching purposes:

                      a.     Printing dates later than a first printing that accompany explicit publication dates or that                               accompany copyright dates applying to an entire work.

                      b.     Copyright dates that accompany explicit publication dates.

                      c.     Explicit copyright renewal dates prior to 1978.

                      d.     Copyright dates for parts of the contents of an item.

                      e.     CIP dates.

                      f.     Missing dates.

               4.    The presence or absence of the "c" copyright symbol or brackets does not determine matching.

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I.    E.     Physical description

               1.    Pagination/foliation:  Significant differences prevent a match; the following differences do not prevent a                       match:

                      a.    Minor variations unless there is a change in the actual text.

                      b.    Variation because of numbered vs. unnumbered section.

                      c.    Variation because of incomplete piece.

                      d.    Variation between the piece and a UKM record.

               2.    Illustrations:  Do not affect matching.

               3.    Size:  Only affects matching if over 2 cm. difference in height.

               4.    Accompanying material:  Does not affect matching; however, if indicated in record, need to check for any                       missing accompanying material.

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I.    F.     Series

              If there are any questions about matching related to a series or series-like phrase, search OCLC and TULANET               bibliographic files and, when necessary, authority files.

              1.    Presence or absence of series or series-like phrase:  Does not prevent a match if everything else matches.

               2.    Different series:  Not a match. However, a variant form of the same series does not prevent a match; to                       resolve whether series are different, consult trainer or Authorities librarian.

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I.    G.     Multivolume titles

               If an exact match is not available, check carefully online and in piece(s) for any indication that there is a                separate edition being published concurrently.

               1.    250 and 260 fields:  If vary from piece:

                      a.    If volume being catalogued is not reflected in the record, can still match if everything else that can be verified                              matches.

                      b.    If volume being catalogued is reflected in the record, can match only if there is evidence that individual                              volumes have been revised separately and that there is no new edition of the multivolume set as such.

               2.    Physical description:

                      a.    If volume statement in multivolume record is open or closed to include the volume number of the piece, it                              does not prevent a match. If it is closed with volume number earlier than that in piece, check with trainer or                              Library Associate.

                      b.    Before expanding a single-volume record to a multivolume one, check with trainer or Library Associate.

                      c.    Variations between a group of bibliographic volumes in one physical volume and separate physical volumes:                              Check with trainer or Library Associate.

                      d.    Variations in height are not significant.

               3.    SeriesDoes not prevent match if everything else that can be verified matches.

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I.    H.     Photocopies and microforms of books

               Refer to [forthcoming] documents that deal with handling photocopies or microforms, or consult with your trainer or                the Cataloging Dept. Head.

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