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Part I. E.

Physical description

(See also Part II.C., on editing the physical description)

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Part I. E. 1.Pagination (or foliation)
Part I. E. 2.Illustrations
Part I. E. 3.Size
Part I. E. 4.Accompanying material

  1. Pagination (or foliation)

    (Cf. Part II.C.1, on editing pagination)

    If there are significant differences in pagination between the piece and a record, the record is not a match.  However, the following differences do not prevent a match:

  2. Illustrations

    (Cf. Part II.C.2, on editing illustration statement)

    The presence or absence of illustrations in the record or the piece does not prevent a match.

  3. Size

    (Cf. Part II.C.3, on editing size)

    If the size of the item and the number of centimeters recorded in the 300 $c subfield differ by over 2 centimeters, the record may not be a match.  This is particularly the case in conjunction with some other clue of a distinction, such as a "Paperback edition" statement.  However, if there is evidence that the piece has been trimmed for binding, the difference may not be significant.  If you are not certain whether the difference is significant, check with your trainer or with the principal cataloguer.  (Note that you only need to measure the height of the piece if you suspect that it may differ from the 300 $c by over 2 cm.)

  4. Accompanying material

    (Cf. Part II.C.4, on editing accompanying material information)

    The presence or absence of accompanying material does not prevent a match.  The accompanying material could be described in a 300 $e subfield, a 500 notes field, or a separate record.  If the record indicates accompanying material that does not accompany our piece, check to see whether we have received that material, including a TULANET search in case it has been entered onto a different record.

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