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Part I. G.

Multivolume titles

(See also Part II.E, on editing records for multivolume titles)

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General notes
Part I. G. 1.250 and 260 fields
Part I. G. 2.Physical description
Part I. G. 3.Series

General notes

Prefer a record with the same edition statement, place, publisher, date(s), and series as your piece(s), if available.  However, if there is no matching record with all these elements, check the piece(s) carefully, for example, seeking evidence whether one publisher took on the multivolume title from another publisher (same edition) or whether more than one edition has been or is being published concurrently (different editions).

One caveat:  There may be a question whether the item should be treated as a volume of a monographic set, using a single, multivolume bibliographic record, or as part of an analysed series on a separate bibliographic record.  Be sure to check both possibilities when searching; if you have any questions, consult with your trainer or with the Library Associate.

  1. 250 and 260 fields

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  2. Physical description

    (Cf. Part II.E.5, on editing physical description in multivolume records.)

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  3. Series

    (Cf. Part II.E.6, section on editing series in multivolume records.)

    If there is no perfect match, but everything else that can be verified matches, the presence or absence of a series does not prevent a matchDifferent volumes in the same multivolume edition may appear in different series.

    E.g.      440    0    $a Music bibliographies ; $v 12, 15, 21

                505           [includes v. 1, 3-4]

                You are cataloguing v. 2, which does not have the series "Music bibliographies;" instead, it includes
                the series statement:  Baroque musical studies, 2.  Otherwise, everything matches the bib record.

                This record may be a match.

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Part I. Introduction
Part I. A.Edition statements Part I. E.Physical description
Part I. B. Places of publication Part I. F. Series statements
Part I. C. Publishers Part I. G.Multivolume titles
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