Editions and Printings:  Matching Editions

Part I. H.

Photocopies and microforms of books

Some of the above sections do apply to photocopies and microforms of books, when the information (for example, an edition statement) is identical to that in the original book.   However, photocopies and microforms present some particular problems when determining matches.  For guidelines on determining whether records can be matched with photocopies or microforms, you should refer to the [forthcoming] documents that deal with handling these materials, including specific guidelines on matching and editing, or consult with your trainer or the Cataloging Dept. Head.

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Part I. Introduction
Part I. A.Edition statements Part I. E.Physical description
Part I. B. Places of publication Part I. F. Series statements
Part I. C. Publishers Part I. G.Multivolume titles
Part I. D.Dates Part I. H.Photocopies and microforms of books

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