Cataloguing of Electronic Serials:  General Policies

[A work in progress; includes policies decided as of 9 August 2000.]

See also document: Procedures for Cataloging DLC/CONSER Single Record Approach Electronic Journals.

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Multiple formats 856 fields

Multiple formats:  single vs separate records

Electronic and print versions Multiple electronic versions

Electronic and print versions

When both a print and an electronic version of a serial exist, we follow CONSER guidelines.  (See also the CONSER Cataloging Manual, 31.3.5 and CONSER WG:  Single v. Separate Records:  Draft Report.)

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Multiple electronic versions

[still to be explored further]

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856 fields

This section overall actually applies to more than just electronic serials but is particulary relevant for electronic serials cataloguing.

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15 August 2000

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