Notes on LAL-RARE and LAL-REF Locations

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This document consists of a brief summary of the special features of cataloguing monographs for two Latin American Library sublocations:  LAL-Rare and LAL-Reference.  For additional information, see also the table in "Treatment of Items and Information in Voyager Item Records, by Location.”

Treat both LAL-RARE and LAL-REF as priority locations for cataloguing.


Decisions about putting a book in the Latin American Library Rare Book location are made by the LAL bibliographers.  Their decisions may be based on the book’s rarity and research value, cost, age, and/or fragile physical condition.  If you think that a book not designated for LAL-RARE might be a candidate for this location, check with a LAL bibliographer.

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Books designated LAL-REF are housed as part of the Latin American Library’s Reference collection.

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