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Because of our basic standards for original cataloguing, which meet the standards for OCLC I-level cataloguing along with AACR2, the LCRI, and other LC documentation, almost all of our original cataloguing conforms in most respects to the requirements for PCC records as set out by the Program for Cooperative Cataloging BIBCO program.  There are a few distinctive features, set out in this document.

Consult also the BIBCO Training Manual and relevant AACR2, LCRI, and other LC documentation (for further examples, see also "Original Cataloging Workflow," sections 12, "Subject Headings," and 13, "Call number").

  1. Authority records required

    The most important distinctive requirement for PCC records is that an authority record must be present for all headings:

    If authority records for all headings in a bib record are already available in these files, this requirement can be met automatically.

    If not all authority records are available in the shared authority files:  Appropriate records must be entered into the shared authority files for a bib record to be coded “pcc.”  See also “Summary of Interim Procedures for Original Cataloguing Authority Work," section 8, “Creating and editing authority records,” and "NACO Authority Records : Creating New NACO Records."

    Providing NACO records is preferable whenever you are confident about your heading, references, and important associated information.

    If your choice of heading, references, or important associated information is tentative -- if you are not reasonably confident about the information and it would take an unreasonably long time to establish the heading or resolve other questions -- it is generally better to choose one of two options.  You may:

    For more information on the core-level record, see the BIBCO Training Manual.

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  2. Fixed field

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  3. 042 field

    An 042 field must be present, with the code

    042        pcc

  4. 043 field

    Although not required by OCLC input standards for I-level cataloguing, the 043 is required by the MARC21 "National Level Record -- Bibliographic" standard for full-level records.  Therefore, an 043 field is required in all full-level PCC bib records where it would be applicable.  An 043 field is optional in core-level bib records.

    For more information on applicability of the 043, consult the MARC21 Format for Bibliographic Data and OCLC's Bibliographic Formats and Standards, 043 field.  For specific 043 codes, consult the MARC Code List for Geographic Areas.

    Please note:  Once you become familiar with codes for individual countries, the 043 field is quite quick to provide.  Macros can be set up for the codes that you use most frequently.

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