P Language and Literature Schedules

In LC classification, the "major" literatures (from a "U.S.-centric" or Eurocentric point of view) have their own schedules, separate from the schedules for those languages.  For example, Spanish literature is in the PQ schedule (major Romance literatures), whereas Spanish language is in PC (Romance languages).

"Minor" literatures, on the other hand, tend to be combined with their respective languages.  For example, Catalan literature is catalogued in PC, with the Catalan language.

ScheduleLanguage and/or literature
PLanguage and literature combined:  philology; language in general:  linguistics;
    Communication and mass media
PAClassical languages and literature
PA SupplementMediaeval and modern Greek and Latin languages and literatures
PBGaelic languages and literatures
PCRomance languages; Catalan, Provençal, and Romanian literatures
PEEnglish language
PFGermanic languages other than English
PGSlavic languages and literatures
PHFinno-Ugrian and Basque languages and literatures
PJOriental languages and literatures:
    Semitic, other non-Indo-European Middle Eastern, Ethiopian
PKIndo-Iranian languages and literatures
PLEast Asian, African, and Oceanian languages and literatures
PMAmerican Indian languages and literatures;
   artificial languages and literatures (e.g., Esperanto texts)
PNLiterature in general -- does not include individual literary authors;
    "Quasi-literature":  theatre, film, journalism
PQRomance literatures in:  French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese
PREnglish-language literatures other than U.S. literature
PSU.S. literature
PTGermanic literatures:   German; Dutch, Flemish, and Afrikaans; Scandinavian
PZChildren's literature

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