Treatment of "644 n" Titles

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A.Consult with bibliographer
B.Decide appropriate treatment
C.Update the authority record


These guidelines outline procedures for making decisions on the appropriate treatment of "644 n" titles and documenting those decisions.  As used here, a "644 n" title is one formerly treated as a series that LC has decided no longer to analyze.

Each title should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis unless a particular bibliographer has definite opinions that apply to all titles in her or his area (in which case, you may apply those decisions and go straight to step C, "Update the authority record").

Note:  A list is available by the ":pdw" shelves of titles on the shelves as well as titles that have been removed from them.  If you come across a "644 n" title yourself, to avoid duplication of effort you should first check this list and/or check with Olga to make sure that no one else is currently working on the same title.

A.      Consult with bibliographer

Consult with the appropriate bibliographer to confirm her or his preference regarding the title:

  1. Whether we should analyze as a series or follow LC's current practise and treat as a serial.

  2. If the title should be treated as an analyzed series, whether it should be classified together (all in one call number) or separately (CNV).

If the bibliographer has definite preferences, follow those decisions and go on to step C., "Update the authority record."

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B.       Decide appropriate treatment

If the bibliographer has no preferences, you may use judgment.

  1. If you think that the title would be best handled as a serial:  Catalogue as a serial; go on to step C., "Update the authority record."

  2. If you think that the title should be analyzed as a series:  Make a decision regarding classification.

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C.      Update the authority record

Document the decisions made for each title.  (Please note:  The examples below assume an existing TULAF record; however, you may need to edit an LCNAF printout if no TULAF record is available.)

Analyzed series
  1. Serial:

  2. Analyzed series:


    Analysis decision
    Tracing practise
    Classification decision
    Local notes
    Other standard information

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