Volume Caption Abbreviations

These captions are to be used in bib record notes fields and in the Holdings Record 866 field.   Others not on this list are found in AACR2, Appendix B.

On pieceAbbreviation
Band Bd.
book bk.
deel d.
fascicle fasc.
Heft Heft   [not abbreviated]
kniga kn.
knjiga knj.
Lieferung Lfg.
neue Folge n.F.
numéro (Fr.) no [bib]; no. [holdings]
numero (It.) n.
número (Sp.) no.
Nummer Nr.
part pt.
parte pt.
partie ptie [bib]; ptie. [holdings]
Serie (Ger.) Ser.
series ser.
Teil T.
Theil T.
tome t.
tomo t.
volume v.

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