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rules & requirements: class attendance

Regular attendance is essential to successful academic progress. Students are expected to attend all classes, laboratories, seminars, and conferences as scheduled unless they are ill or prevented from attending by exceptional circumstances.

Since the majority of the School of Continuing Studies' students are adults attending part-time, the administration and faculty try to accommodate their special needs. Occasionally, family or work may conflict with school responsibilities.

Instructors establish policies for attendance in their classes at the beginning of the semester. Students who find it necessary to miss class are responsible for obtaining notes on material covered in lectures or other class sessions. It is up to the instructor to determine whether to allow the student to make up missed quizzes, examinations or other exercises.

Students are also responsible for notifying professors about absences that result from serious illnesses, injuries or critical personal problems. Medical excuses are not issued by the University Health Service, except in instances of (1) illnesses or injuries that involve hospitalization; (2) in the event of partial or complete withdrawal due to medical reasons; or (3) in the event of a missed final examination for a medical condition being cared for by the Student Health Center. In all of these instances medical information will only be released with the student's written permission.

Students who find their attendance seriously interrupted by exceptional, unforeseen circumstances are encouraged to discuss their difficulties with their instructor or academic adviser.


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