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rules & requirements: internships

An internship involves a relevant academic foundation in addition to an experiential learning process. The academic foundation may, for example, consist of a term paper, a number of short papers, discussions of a number of books, and the like. Students may identify their own internship opportunity or they may consult with those persons on campus who coordinate internship programs to arrange an internship experience.

Internships are available through various departments. Students participating in elective internships register for Internship Studies (course numbers 456, 457) within the appropriate department after having made initial arrangements with a professor who will sponsor the internship. Registration is completed using an Internship Studies Registration form. Each student registered for an internship must submit an Internship Prospectus form to the appropriate departmental chair for approval within one week prior to the end of the add period. A copy of this form bearing the signatures of the student, sponsoring professor, internship supervisor and departmental chair also must be filed with the Office of the Dean within one week of the end of the add period. These forms are available in departmental offices and the Office of the Dean.

Each student completing an internship must write a synopsis of the internship, including both the academic and experimental components. This synopsis is to be approved by both the supervising professor and the appropriate departmental chair and filed with the Office of the Dean prior to the end of the final examination period.

A student may not take a salaried position outside Tulane University for the purpose of an internship, except where such an arrangement is required by the cooperating organization for insurance purposes. If a student must take a salaried position for this reason, a letter to this effect from the cooperating organization must be filed with the Office of the Dean prior to the end of the add period.

Internships are open only to juniors and seniors in good standing. Only one internship may be completed per semester.


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