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rules & requirements: Academic standards

A student may be placed on probation or dismissed from the School of Continuing Studies for lack of sufficient academic progress toward fulfilling degree requirements. For continued eligibility, academic progress is measured both by minimum credit and minimum grade point average.

Academic Progress for Part-Time Students

Undergraduate classification is based on cumulative earned credits:

  • Freshman: 0-24 earned credits
  • Sophomore: 25-56 earned credits
  • Junior: 57-91 earned credits
  • Senior: over 91 earned credits

Part-time students in the School of Continuing Studies are required to maintain a minimum grade point average throughout their enrollment (see table below). Students who fail to meet this minimum standard are placed on academic probation. The cumulative grade point average of a student is calculated by dividing the number of quality points a student has earned by the total number of quality hours (including courses with failures). Only the grades of S, U, NR, W, and grades in courses affected by the School of Continuing Studies "Repeated Course" policy are excluded from this calculation.

A student admitted to the School of Continuing Studies within one year of graduating from high school who earns a 0.0 cumulative grade point average during his or her first semester or "summer semester" will be limited to one course (four credits maximum) during the subsequent semester or "summer semester" in which he or she enrolls.

A School of Continuing Studies student who earns a 0.0 cumulative grade point average in two consecutive semesters, including the "summer semester," will be dismissed for one semester regardless of previous academic standing.

To take effect fall 2015:
An undergraduate student admitted to the School of Continuing Studies with no previous Tulane University credit who earns a 0.0 grade point average in his or her first semester or summer session will be blocked from enrolling in the next semester or summer session. If the student is already enrolled for the subsequent semester or summer session, the school will rescind the student’s enrollment. A student who receives a 0.0 gpa and does not enroll during a subsequent semester or summer session, may return to the School of Continuing Studies on academic probation. The student may appeal the block and the removal from courses. The appeal must be in writing and addressed to the school’s Academic Performance Committee.

Academic Enforcement for Part-Time Students

The quality of each part-time student's work will be monitored at the end of each semester. Enforcement consists of two distinct steps: probation and dismissal.


Any part-time student who does not meet the minimum cumulative grade point average as shown in the table below will be placed on academic probation.

The status of probation lasts until it is removed as a result of academic improvement or ended by dismissal. Part-time students who are placed on probation are warned that their academic progress is insufficient, and they are given a set time period (ordinarily one semester) in which to raise their cumulative grade point average to the required level. Part-time students on probation may enroll in no more than seven credits. As a further condition, all coursework taken while on probation must be passed with at least the grade of C. Students on probation cannot be given a recommendation of good academic standing to another institution for purpose of cross-enrollment or summer school admission.


After attempting 31 credits at Tulane, part-time students will be dismissed if they fail to earn a "C" in each course taken while they are on academic probation.

Dismissal from the university is for a period of at least one academic semester. A third dismissal is non-appealable and will be for a period of one calendar year. Any coursework taken at another college or university during the dismissal period is not transferable to the School of Continuing Studies.

Minimum Credits and Grade Point Average Quality-of-Work Rules For Part-Time Students

Minimum Cumulative
Attempted Hours

Minimum Cumulative



Any student who has been dismissed from the School of Continuing Studies has the right to petition the the School of Continuing Studies Academic Performance and Petitions Committee. Students who return after their dismissal period are placed on academic probation.


Petitions from students who have been denied registration under these regulations are evaluated by the Academic Performance and Petitions Committee of the School of Continuing Studies.

Successful petitioners will be readmitted on the terms and conditions specified by the committee, which may include limitation on the number of courses, specification of courses that must be taken, progress that must be achieved, the time within which terms and conditions must be met, and classification of academic standing.


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