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Lauren Rupp '12 with grandfather Bill Rupp, Jr. (UC courses in late 40s)

“I think it is a great honor not only to me but also to the University that they are educating the different generations from many different families,” Lauren says.

“To attend the same university as my grandfather did continues the family tradition. He has shared stories of how Tulane has enhanced his careers in transportation and marketing and the impact a Tulane degree can have on me. The staff and students are great to work with on a daily basis. By the end of the semester, you consider them friends. The respect and the one-on-one assistance from the professors helps you achieve your goals. It gives me great pleasure to say that I have attended – and am almost a graduate of – Tulane University.”

Rosaria Guastella, PhD and father, Rosario J. “Russell” Guastella '62

“My dad is a first-generation American,” says Rosaria, an assistant dean of the School of Continuing Studies.

“Both of his parents were from Sicily. His father died when he was a baby, but he wanted his son to go the ‘best schools.’ And everyone in New Orleans knows that Tulane University is the best school. My dad received his teaching certification from University College in 1962 and taught for 48 years in Jefferson Parish public schools. What he remembers most about University College: ‘They treated you like a human being, not like a number.’ He also fondly recalls taking physics with Dr. Peacock and Louisiana history with legendary historian and journalist Charles L. ‘Pie’ Dufour.”


David Leiva '03 (right)

David is an active duty Army captain who has served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is a former staff writer for the Associated Press.

“Tulane opened my eyes to a world I didn't know existed. A native New Orleanian, I had really no reason to believe there could be life outside Louisiana. I was always told the Tulane imprint extended far beyond the state’s borders, but it wasn't until I left Louisiana that I noticed it with my own eyes. Whether first as a reporter, then as a military officer in Washington DC, some remote country in the Middle East or here in New Orleans, the Tulane education – and its accompanying network, brand, and distinction – always offered a competitive edge and seemed to give me a welcomed seat at the table of decision-making.”

Charles Heath, PhD '00

Charles is an assistant professor at Sam Houston State University, where he teaches Latin American history.

“University College allowed me to pursue the dream of a second career (academics), while still immersed in my first career (international medical sales). From my first contact with [Associate Dean] Terrence Fitzmorris, originally my academic adviser, to working with world-class scholars, the faculty inspired me, mentored me, helped me to carry my education at Tulane as far as possible, and I try and continue that tradition with my own contribution to teaching. The experience at Tulane made it possible for me to procure a fellowship to get my master’s degree, which, in turn, made it possible to pursue a PhD in history. My time at Tulane was formative, fun, and the foundation for all that I now do.”


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