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New Courses for Summer 2013

CSEO 2910 - Biogeography

Tuesdays at the Uptown Campus, 5:45pm-8:35pm
Instructor: Andrew Laughlin

How did plants and animals end up where they are? Biogeography is the multidisciplinary study of the distribution of organisms across the planet, and the factors influencing those distributions. This course, designed for non-science-majors, will provide a historical background of the field of biogeography and the ecological foundations necessary to understand the patterns of distribution. It will also cover the influence of human impacts and recent climate change on these distributional patterns.



CSHS 3932 - T. Harry Williams and His Work

Thursdays at the Elmwood Campus, 6:00pm-8:50pm
Instructor: Jerry Giddens

Join us as we study the Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian, T. Harry Williams. We will examine his four major biographical works: Lincoln and the Radicals, Lincoln and His Generals, P.G.T Beauregard: Napoleon in Gray, and Huey Long: A Biography. We will also explore his groundbreaking work in Oral History as well as his storied life as professor and lecturer at LSU from 1941-1979. Dr. Jerry Giddens, a former student of Dr. Williams, will teach the class.



HISU 2911 - Religion in America

Tuesdays at the Elmwood Campus, 6:00pm-8:50pm
Instructor: Lee Smith

What has been the role of religion in American history?  In addition to the benefits of religious freedom which have long been the hallmark of American culture, in what other ways has religion shaped and directed the path of politics and society from the earliest immigrants to the present time?   How has American religion responded to the events of American history?  This course will explore the various types of religion expression, both denominational and cultural, and examine both their influences upon history and their reactions to it.

The emphasis [in this course] will necessarily be on those formal movements which have made a major impact on American culture, but the importance of less "mainline" groups and popular belief will also be discussed.  This course is non-denominational, non-creedal, and taught as cultural/intellectual/social history.



SPAN 3280 - Film and Visual Culture in Spanish

Mondays and Wednesdays at the Uptown Campus, 5:45pm-8:45pm
Instructor: Antonio Gómez

An introduction to Hispanic cinemas and the basics of film studies.

Conducted in English and Spanish. Readings and writing assignments can be completed in Spanish for Spanish major or minor credit.

Satisfies the Humanities requirement for the School of Continuing Studies.


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