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Program Director:
Robyn Ice
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about paralegal studies

The primary goal of Tulane's Paralegal Studies program is to educate students of diverse backgrounds to become effective, ethical and professional paralegals who are employable in a variety of legal settings and who are committed to ongoing improvement and continuing paralegal education. The program encourages diversity in its student body and faculty and is committed to equal opportunity in its placement program.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive general education that includes studies in writing, formal thought, speech, the humanities, sciences and social sciences, and that is designed to develop critical thinking and communication skills.
  2. Perform legal and factual investigation and research using both traditional and technology-based methods.
  3. Describe the court system for civil, criminal and administrative matters at the trial and appellate levels, including alternative dispute resolution methods.
  4. Analyze factual situations, use appropriate legal procedures, and draft legal documents used in state and federal practice.
  5. Function effectively with the computer technology used in legal practice and to adapt to ever-changing technological advances.
  6. Apply the organizational skills necessary for successful law office functioning, including categorizing and organizing documents, calendaring, prioritizing work, managing time, using forms, and maintaining billing data.
  7. Apply the principles of legal ethics.
  8. Engage in lifelong learning and professional development.

The Tulane Paralegal Studies program is a college credit program. Established in 1979, the program was first granted approval by the American Bar Association in 1981, and it remains the oldest such approved program in this region.

The program offers job placement assistance, maintaining a job bank and a listserve to connect students and alumnae to new openings.  A paralegal lending library, located at the Elmwood Campus is an additional resource where students can checkout books on career development as well as substantive areas of legal practice.  Students will also gain valuable hands-on experience working as a paralegal intern in a legal setting as part of their final course in the program.

Students can earn a Certificate in Paralegal Studies by completing (1) a Bachelor of Arts in Paralegal Studies; (2) an Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies; or (3) a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Paralegal Studies (open to students who hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited college).

Paralegal studies majors with no prior college coursework must take general education courses their first semester. ENGL 101/CSEN 1250 is a prerequisite for enrollment in any Paralegal Studies course.

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