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programs: health and wellness

Society is currently witnessing the most rapid scientific and technological advances in history. Yet, in too many instances, modern technology and other socio-cultural patterns have lead many children and adults toward a sedentary lifestyle and, subsequently, to an overall decline in health and wellness. This "disease of lifestyle" has, in turn, given rise to the present need to address nutritional patterns of behavior, the impact that environment has on mental as well as physical health, the lack of physical activity throughout one's lifespan, cultural attitudes toward healing, and the widening gap between consumers and their ability to actively monitor the time invested in social and recreational media. The cross-disciplinary program in Health and Wellness responds to the need for a knowledge base that can be applied to one's own lifestyle with the intent of improving quality of life. It synthesizes established principles of behavior and the restructuring of one's patterns of thought (mental health, cognitive restructuring, stress management, psychoneuroimmunology), socio-cultural and environmental influences on lifestyle at personal and global levels (women's health issues, cultural attitudes, media influence, social policies), as well as principles and strategies that promote active lifestyles through one's lifespan (exercise, nutrition, wellness counseling, the aging process). The Health and Wellness curriculum addresses both preventive and rehabilitative means for combating the "disease of lifestyle" on personal as well as societal levels.

By studying Health and Wellness, students will learn to:

  • develop effective health and wellness programs on personal and societal levels
  • demonstrate how exercise, nutrition, weight control, and stress management promote health
  • benefit employers by developing workplace wellness practices
  • participate in applied academic activities including community service and networking

Specific learning goals and objectives include the ability to demonstrate:

  • applied general wellness knowledge of disease prevention, risk reduction, aging, consumerism
  • applied knowledge and competency in wellness methodology
  • knowledge of the influence of nutritional regimes on lifetime wellness throughout one's lifespan
  • knowledge of the impact that socio-cultural and environmental components have on mental as well as physical health and wellness
  • knowledge of the interdependence of mind/body/spirit, the basic tenets of psychoneuroimmunology and the diversity in cultural approaches to healthcare and healing

The target audience for the major program lies in those who choose to pursue an applied knowledge base that can facilitate the pursuit of health and wellness on a personal level as well as those who opt to initiate or advance their careers in the field of health and wellness. Graduates will be competent in diverse aspects of health promotion, preventive wellness strategies, recovery from illness and/or injury, and the transitional phases of aging. They will be versed in providing educational services to adult employees as well as children. Health maintenance organizations (e.g., Elmwood Fitness Center) and community groups (e.g., Daughters of Charity) are but two outlets for professional growth and development upon graduation. Potential hires include corporate wellness directors, wellness program administrators, non-profit organizations, certified personal trainers, wellness programmers, coordinators of health and wellness programming in assisted living settings, and recreational programs.

Note: Health and Wellness courses taken through the School of Continuing Studies are not transferrable to the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

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