A cooperative networking venture between the U.S. and China dedicated to helping solve China's critical energy problems through U.S. leadership in green energy technology.

  • Provide training and educational programs related to environmental policies, legislation, technology options and cost/financing of these options
  • Provide information on the capability and performance of U.S. technology to facilitate selection of options for projects
  • Identify market opportunities for U.S. firms in energy and environmental sectors
  • Provide U.S. experts to assist in the development of prefeasibility studies, conferences and workshops



The hub of the U.S. Network is the Green Energy Network of Tulane University's US/China Institute. It will work on the "supply" side, finding US businesses, many of them small to medium size, interested in marketing their energy technologies to China.

The hub of the China Network is Tsinghua University's China/US Energy and Environment Technology Center, working on the "demand" side, identifying clean and efficient energy projects in China consistent with with their top five priorites:

Electrical Power Supply
Communication Systems




  • Networking and team-building activities as well as in-country partner contacts
  • Market target assessment--textile, food, medicine, paper sectors
  • Project development and approval--working through institutional barriers
  • Project evaluation and selection procedures--pre-feasibility studies based on computer simulation models considering economic, financial, technical and environmental merits
  • Business planning--opportunity analysis--support data on price, payback and cost effectiveness; investment risks
  • Clearinghouse of information--up-to-date reports on government regulations, financing, taxes, ownership, energy priorities and investment opportunities



Within the first two years, the Network will attempt to set up one "partnership" in each of the five priority areas. Each project will meet the following criteria:

  • Consistent with the mission of facilitating small to medium size projects.
  • Within 2-3 years there should be a demonstrable payoff for both parties concerned.
  • Results should be visible and dramatic to encourage U.S. companies to participate and Chinese partners to cooperate.




since December 1999