Sunshine Van Bael (biography)

Assistant Professor

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Tulane University


Office: 364 Israel Building

Phone: 504-862-8291

Fax: 504-862-8706

Mailing address: 6823 St. Charles Avenue,  Suite 400 Boggs

Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

New Orleans, LA 70118


Associate Scientist

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

The Republic of Panama

Office: 183 Gamboa

Phone: 703-487-3770 x 8504

Fax: +011-507-212-8148

Mailing Address:


Unit 9100 Box 0948

DPO, AA 34002


Lab members at Tulane:

Post-doctoral fellow

Demetra Kandalepas

Research interests: fungal endophytes, coastal restoration

Graduate students

Kim Mighell

Research interests: cryptic biodiversity,

endophytic fungi, bryophytes, insect-plant-fungal


Peter Tellez

Research interests: insect-plant-fungal interactions,

tropical ecology

Stephen Suchy

Research interests: coastal restoration

Jordan Hoffman

Research interests: tropical ecology,

plant-fungal-insect interactions

Laboratory Manager

Mae Berlow

Undergraduate students

Matthew Moore

Nathaniel Howard

Emma Tower and Taryn Farber

Ryan Wolfe

Casey Gu

Jennifer Janowsky

Lab members in Panama at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute:

Catalina Estrada

Research Interests: chemical ecology, tropical

evolutionary ecology, plant-insect interactions


Luis Mejia

Research interests: mycology, systematics, genomics

agriculture, plant pathology, endophytic fungi


Enith Rojas

Research interests: mycology, endophytes

tropical agriculture

Science education and art:

Damond Kyllo, STRI

Other Collaborators in Panama:

Ariadna Bethancourt, University of Panama

Hermogenes Fernandez, STRI

William Wcislo, STRI

E. Allen Herre, STRI


Bananas from Finca Agua Salud, photo by Andrea Concepcion


EEB 2210: Insect Biology

EEB 4110/6110: Tropical Ecology

EEB 4430/6430: Entomology

EEB 4080/6080: Biostatistics and Experimental Design