Sunshine Van Bael (biography)

Assistant Professor

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Tulane University


Office: 364 Israel Building

Phone: 504-862-8291

Fax: 504-862-8706

Mailing address: 6823 St. Charles Avenue,  Suite 400 Boggs

Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

New Orleans, LA 70118


Associate Scientist

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

The Republic of Panama

Office: 183 Gamboa

Phone: 703-487-3770 x 8504

Fax: +011-507-212-8148

Mailing Address:


Unit 9100 Box 0948

DPO, AA 34002


Bananas from Finca Agua Salud, photo by Andrea Concepcion


EEB 2210: Insect Biology

EEB 4110/6110: Tropical Ecology

EEB 4430/6430: Entomology

EEB 4080/6080: Biostatistics and Experimental Design

Lab members at Tulane:

Post-doctoral fellow

Demetra Kandalepas

Research interests: fungal endophytes, coastal restoration

Graduate students

Kim Mighell

Research interests: cryptic biodiversity,

endophytic fungi, bryophytes, insect-plant-fungal


Peter Tellez

Research interests: insect-plant-fungal interactions,

tropical ecology

Stephen Suchy

Research interests: coastal restoration

Jordan Hoffman

Research interests: tropical ecology,

plant-fungal-insect interactions

Laboratory Manager

Mae Berlow

Undergraduate students

Emma Tower and Taryn Farber

Ryan Wolfe

Casey Gu

Jennifer Janowsky

Lab members in Panama at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute:

Catalina Estrada

Research Interests: chemical ecology, tropical

evolutionary ecology, plant-insect interactions


Luis Mejia

Research interests: mycology, systematics, genomics

agriculture, plant pathology, endophytic fungi


Enith Rojas

Research interests: mycology, endophytes

tropical agriculture

Science education and art:

Damond Kyllo, STRI

Other Collaborators in Panama:

Ariadna Bethancourt, University of Panama

Hermogenes Fernandez, STRI

William Wcislo, STRI

E. Allen Herre, STRI