Newcomb Pottery Colors

Although Newcomb pottery is best known for its blue and green pieces typical of the vase shown on the right (decorated by Marie de Hoa LeBlanc, Joseph Meyer, potter, ca. 1907-08), several other colors can be found as well. The early works reflect an interest in earth tones such as olive greens and yellows, though in general, the period 1895-1900 was marked by experimentation with a variety of clay bodies, glazes, and colors. For example, the plate below (decorated by Katherine Kopman with potter Jules Gabry) is done in blue, green, and rose underglaze, ca. 1896-1897.

During 1910-1918, a transparent matte glaze over blue and green underglazes was frequently used. In the period, 1918-1928, pink sometimes was added to these blue and green tints. In 1928-1934, a strong cobalt blue with green was added; and in 1935-1940, blues, soft pinks, and greens of different shades appeared.

The establishment of the Newcomb Guild in 1941 meant even further experimentation with color. The tile at the left made by Sadie Irvine and Kenneth Smith depicts some of these attempts. As described by Irvine herself, these colors of the "New Pottery" were:
Rain - white background with grey overspray. Banded.
Spindrift [sic] - blue with brown and texture, blue and pink, suggestion of hazy sunset.
Gulf stream - turquoise, brown on top, blue green, plain blue, steaked. By far most popular.
Warbler - a yellow glaze, probably discontinued during the war as it contained uranium. Not solid color but a harmonizing combination of color within color.
Cumulus - semi-transparent white glaze, pink showing through, ridged. Light blue grey and texture.
Lichen - green with texture
Monks ware - nickel oxide, tan with brown edges
Copper red - luster with some texture. Glazes came from the same glazes as gulf stream. Since the amount of reduction was very difficult to control, this glaze varies considerably from almost pure reddish purple with specks of turquoise to the reverse with predominantly turquoise touched with red.

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