Below are some of the symbols and words used to identify Newcomb pottery. Impressed, incised, or painted on each piece, these marks shifted over time. The first shown, used from 1894 to 1899, is simply the written name of the college. The following logo (the "N" inside the "C") was developed in 1897 and used until the 1940s. The diamond with the circle inside possibly came into use at the turn of the century. The three symbols in the fourth row were used in 1901, while the two in the last row were used in 1902. The page continues illustrating markings used by four of the individual craftswomen.

Sadie Irvine's Marks

Harriet Joor's Marks

Emilie de Hoa LeBlanc's Marks

Marie de Hoa LeBlanc's Marks

For a complete listing of marks used by the more than 100 Newcomb craftswomen, see Walter Bob's article "Basic Marks and Dating" in Newcomb Pottery by Jessie Poesch. This book is an extensive source of information about Newcomb Pottery.

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