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Rosalie Cohen
Rosalie with E. Roosevelt
Rosalie Cohen introducing Eleanor Roosevelt, 1949
"Honors... are wonderful experiences. But they pass. The important thing is the work, that it lives on and grows."

--Rosalie Cohen, from a Times-Picayune article.

"I may have two bad knees, but that's better than a bad brain." --Rosalie Cohen.

[When asked about her health] "I haven't had time to ask myself."

Rosalie Cohen and son Carmel, 1993
Graduation photo, Magnolia School, 1914
Photo from Engagement Album, 1929


Ruth Dreyfous


Ruth with great nephew Lee Eisman in 1985 at his wedding in Salzburg, Austria

"Another thing I learned from my father... was the importance of getting along with people-- that you did not have to like someone in order to accomplish something."

--from It's Been Very Interesting by Ruth Dreyfous

"I was thinking just the other day about marijuana. You know, when I was growing up, the only ones who had it were the newsboys... Of course, marijuana grew around here and newsboys didn't think it was something evil or harmful. They thought of it as smoking..."

--p. 16, It's Been Very Interesting

Studio Portrait of Ruth at 17

Studio Portrait of Ruth Dreyfous at 17 years

Ruth with great-great nephew

Ruth with great-great nephew Lee Eisman (1989)

"It's interesting to look back and realize how fortunate I've been. You can't realize these things as you're living through them; it is only as you get older that you're able to reflect on all that you have witnessed."

--p. 13, It's Been Very Interesting


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