16 Years of Zale

Over the past sixteen years, the Zale Writer-in-Residence program has had tremendous success. A diverse, exciting group of writers, poets, performance artists, and journalists have come to Newcomb and inspired their audiences. It is not an exaggeration to say that this program has had an extreme impact on those who have participated in it. Listed below are previous authors who have been Zale Writers-In-Residence.

The Writers

1986: Alison Lurie

1987: Carolyn Forche

1988: Nancy Willard

1989: Gloria Naylor

1990: E.M. Bronner

1991: Ellen Douglas

1992: Sonia Sanchez

1993: Linda Hogan

1994 (Spring): Rosellen Brown

1994 (Fall): Lee Smith

1995: Dorothy Allison

1996: Ellen Bryant Voigt

1997: Deb Margolin

1998: Octavia Butler

1999: Ann Patchett


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