the newcomb archives

Archivist: Susan Tucker N '71

Established in 1989, the Newcomb Archives contains:

These collections now occupy more than eight hundred cubic feet of space.

The Archives is currently in the midst of preparing the early student records of the College (1887-1920) for microfilming. This project is made possible by a grant from the Ntional Historical Publication and Records Commission. The project is being coordinated by Sadith Paz.

The Archives is actively soliciting materials related to the "second wave" of the women's movement in Louisiana (roughly 1962-1988) as part of our year-long project "Voices from the Louisiana Women's Movement: First-hand accounts from the people who made it happen." We have gotten a number of wonderful collections that are currently in processing, and from which will be drawn the stuff of exhibits which will go up at the Center in March 2001. We are also eager to receive short personal essays, and to conduct oral history interviews with movement participants,.

If you would like to contribute papers, documents or artifacts to the collection, please e-mail Susan Tucker or phone 504.865.5762.

Online Exhibits

The Newcomb Pottery page dedicated to the Ceramics tradition of Newcomb College of the last hundred years. Features the biographies of some of the women potters as well as the history of Newcomb Pottery.

We also have a highly non-traditional page dedicated to Valentines. Explore this day of inamorata through the lens of an early 1900s scrapbook.

Whence came such cultural phenomena as Women's History Month, Black History Month, Gay and Lesbian History Month and National Cheese Day? To learn more about the "holidaying of America," visit the Newcomb student-produced web site Every Other Gets a Month.

Curious to learn more about H. Sophie Newcomb College?

Read our Brief History or click Here to learn a little something about Josephine Louise Newcomb.

Visit Newcomb Through the Years, a photo exhibit in-progress by former Center student worker Kate Bolin.

Or learn more about The Newcomb Relief Unit, a relief unit made up of Newcomb alumni that assisted overseas after World War I.

Stay tuned for further exhibits!

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