Newcomb College Center for Research on Women
Volume 17 || Number 1 || Fall 1996

Center Enters Third Decade, Third Millennium
by Beth Willinger, Director

Newcomb On Paper/Newcomb Online
by Susan Tucker, Archivist/Librarian

Staff Notes

Staff Projects and Awards

20th Anniversary Thanks

Dating Abuse on the Tulane University Campus
by Ruth Chang N '96

Teaching Ideology to Material Girls: Pedagogy in the "Post-Feminist" Classroom
by Susanne Dietzel and Polly Pagenhart

Reading Mother Russia: Surprises and Possibilities in the Telling of Russian History
by Betsy Jones Hemenway

Early Newcomb Physicians
by Jennifer Kaltwasser N '98

((Sorry it's so text-dense. By next time, we should have a scanner & better graphics capabilities.))

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