NCCROW Turns Twenty!

Many heartfelt thanks to the following individuals for their generous gifts in support of the Center's 20th Anniversary; their gifts will go toward establishing an endowed fund for research:

Darwin and Mary Jane Fenner, Adelaide Wisdom Benjamin, Emily Card, Carol Downes Cudd, Susan T. Kartzke, AndrŽe Moss, Wendy Delery Hills, Eamon and Margaret Kelly, Mignon Faget, Rosa Keller, Jesselyn Zurik, New Orleans Women's Caucus for Art, Ann Salzer, Sybil M. and D. Blair Favrot, Betty Carter, E. Sue Bernie, Raine Bedsole, Mr. and Mrs. Mortimer H. Hess, Jr., Carter Stevens Molony, Marie H. Irvine, Danella P. Hero, Catherine D. Pierson, Sandra Scarbrough Kramer, Jane L. Johnson, Rebecca Stilling, Emily Schoenbaum, Harriet B. Schupp, Theon A. Wilson, Lavelle and Elaine Willinger, Marla E. Custard, Edith Helen Monsees, Elise B. Martinez, Dr. Joseph Cohen, Carlotte Travieso, Lawrence and Tatjana Eustis, Elizabeth L. Torre Reck, Lucy E. Riegel, Barbara Lemann, C.L. Pierson, Judge Robin M. Giarusso, Susan E. Levy, Faith S. Simmons, Pat T. Evans, Marsha L. Houston, Cynthia Lowenthal, Peggy W. Rosenfeldt, Joel and Bert Myers, Susan L. Martin, Mary C. Lowry, Florence D. Andre, Rhoda Barlett, James V. Reuter, III.

The 20th Anniversary Gala last March would have been a bit less gala without the support and donations of The Radisson Hotel New Orleans, Partysist (Emma Freeman), The Jack's Beverages Group and Ann Salzer. Special thanks to Darlene Olivo and Carolyn Ware.

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