Notes from the Library and Archives by Susan Tucker


Since the last newsletter, we have received a number of wonderful donations for the Archives and the Library. Building upon Newcomb's interest in arts and crafts, Sue Woodward willed us hundreds of books about contemporary and historical needlework. The S ue Woodward collection will join other collections soon on our library shelves. In addition, Shannon and James Evans have added to the Library through a donation in memory of Aimee Shands Walsh, Class of 1930. We received other book donations from Virgini a Roddy, Susan Larson, and Allison Raynor.

Donations of twentieth century cookbooks came from Nancy Leinbach and Texas Woman's University. To these books, we also added a manuscript cookbook from Polly Durham. Handwritten with recipes dating from 1817, this book has already been used by two resea rchers - New York culinary historian Alice Ross and local food writer, Sharon Stallworth.

Donations to the Archives came from Barbara Pyle, Helen Schneidau, Gladys Le Breton, Karlene Tierney, Emily Card, Marilyn de Latour, Anne Robinson, Emma Keen, Virginia Inskeep, and Coralie Davis. Together these donations reflect upon experiences at Newco mb from 1886 to recent times, as well as the lives and work of various Newcomb alumnae after leaving the College. Barbara Pyle's donation, for example, enriches our collection by providing a fascinating look at her work as a documentary film maker and act ivist for the environment. Coralie Davis's donation reflects on her work as a pottery student under Sadie Irvine as well as later trips around the world.

Finally, we received two scrapbooks, one from the family of Frances Dreyfuss Selber, Class of 1922, and the other from the family of Fanny Seiferth, Class of 1912. Both of these scrapbooks give rich insight into academic and social life of young women at Newcomb - their participation in sports, debate, women's rights, food and pleasure. Look for them soon as we begin scanning some of their pages onto our Web site.

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