Newcomb to Host Leadership Conference for Local Girls

On Saturday March 7, the first ever Newcomb Leadership Conference for Girls will be held in the Tulane University Center.

Sponsored by Newcomb College with the assistance of the Newcomb chapter of Mortar Board, the national collegiate leadership honor society, the conference will focus on girls in grades seven through nine. The conference is an outgrowth of the American Asso ciation of University Women's recent report on the educational inequity still faced by girls, the Women's College Coalition's "Expect the Best from a Girl and That's What You'll Get" campaign, and Mortar Board's national project emphasis on girls. The goa l of the conference is to affirm self-esteem, aspiration and goal-setting among participating girls.

Seven Uptown schools have joined Newcomb in forming a steering committee to oversee the initial conference project. Around the theme "Building Your Leadership," local educators and community leaders will present sessions on communication, visionary leader ship, body image and technology. All indicators are that this will become an annual event. If you are interested in becoming involved with next year's conference, contact Margaret King, Director of Newcomb Programs, at 865-5795.

* Girls have a right to be themselves - people first and females second - and to resist pressure to behave in sex-stereotyped ways.
* Girls have a right to express themselves with originality and enthusiasm.
* Girls have a right to take risks, to strive freely and to take pride in success.
* Girls have a right to accept and enjoy the bodies they were born with and not to feel reassured to compromise their health in order to satisfy the dictates of an "ideal" physical image.
* Girls have a right to be free of vulnerability and self-doubt and to develop as mentally and emotionally sound individuals.
* Girls have a right to prepare for interesting work and economic independence.

(Source: Participants in "Girls to Women: A Celebration Conference" held October 23rd, 1996 at the University of Cincinnati. Organizers and co-sponsors were the UC Department of Education, the UC Center for Women's Studies and Friends of Women's Studies)

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