Notes from the Library and Archives by Susan Tucker

A Feminist Dream Come True

In Three Guineas, Virginia Woolf asked us to envision a library where books would not be chained to desks, where no green lamps would symbolize the powers and privileges of the educated few, where the domestic arts of cooking, sewing, and conversat ion would be valued equally with other learning. We are trying to make such a library at the Center for Research on Women.

The Vorhoff Library is now located in what used to be the Anna E. Many Lounge. Windows on both sides of the room, a formal reading room, a cobalt blue lamp on the desk - these are some of our changes. More shelving is on the way, so, by the end of the se mester, we will have most of our book collections all housed together in one room. You can help us transform the Library in other ways, as well. Please remember to donate your books, to suggest books you would like us to buy, and to let us know how we can help you in other ways. Spread the word about our Library, a place that is at once a special library with rare books, manuscripts and records and also a cozy place to sit and study. Visit us.

The Library was named in honor of Nadine Vorhoff as a memorial to her work for Newcomb alumnae and her friendship with many different people in the New Orleans community. Coincidentally, the year 1996 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Garden Club to which Vorhoff belonged. To commemorate this milestone, Newcomb alumna Shirley Stakelum wrote a small history of the club and its activities. Our first donation of 1997, this "diary of a New Orleans Garden Club" sits on my desk among other additions of t he young new year such as Making Gender: The Politics and Erotics of Culture; Racism in the Lives of Women: Testimony, Theory, and Guides to Antiracist Practice; and Dedication to Hunger: the Anorexic Aesthetic in Modern Culture. The gardening history and the diversity of these other recent books remind us of the rich texture of earth and mind - and the new vision of our Library.

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