Women in the Arts

Women in the arts is a fairly broad subject which covers areas such as women engravers, painters, potters, sculptors, photographers, and so forth.

To begin your research, you may check the REFERENCE SECTION of the Women's Center Library for the following sources:

Ref. HW115.W64 Women's Action Almanac
Ref. HQ1115.W645 Women's Studies Encyclopedia, II
Ref. HQ1410.H36 Handbook of American Women's History
Ref. G1201.E1S5 Atlas of American Women
Ref. HQ1180.S68 Sources: An Annotated Bibiliography of Women's Issues

Using TULANET, under OPAC, you may find a variety of sources concerning Women in the arts. You may do a key word or subject search under "women artists" or "feminist art". Among the following books available at the center are:

HQ1438.W4 The Sourcebook for Women Who Create
N72.F45 F44 Feminism and Art History: Questioning the Litany
N6512.B758 Exposures: Women and Their Art
NK4200.B83 Potters and Paintresses: Women Designers in the Pottery Industry
F379.N553 A23 Women and New Orleans
NX180.F415 In Her Own Image, Women Working in the Arts
HQ1438.V5 "A Share of Honour":Virginia Women 1680-1945
NX180.F4L56 From the Center: Feminist Essays on Women's art
N72.F45 F45 Feminist collage: Eduacating Women in the Visual Arts
ND237.C3M3 The World of Mary Cassatt
N6512.M518 Lives and Works, Talks with Women Artists
ask for Louisiana's Art Nouveau: The Crafts of the Newcomb Style
N835.P48 Women Artists: Recognition and Reappraisal from the Early Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century
N72.F45P64 Vision and Difference: Femininity, Feminism, and Histories of Art
HQ1123.W64 Working it out: 23 Women Writers, Artists, Scientists, and Scholars talk about their lives at work
N6512.M88 Mutiny and the Arts Mainstream: Talk that Changed Art, 1975-90
CCM3585 Women Artists in the Modern Era: A Documentary History

Under DNEW and DOLD, you may find information from journals and magazines. The following sources, contain plenty of information on Women in the Arts. Below are some examples of articles concerning this subject matter:

"Women in the arts" v21(May'90):78+

Feminist Studies:
"The Guerrilla Girls; art essay" v14(Summer'88): 284-300.
"Four northern California artists: Hisako Hibi, Norine Nisshimura, Yona Soon Min, and Miran Ahn" v19(Fall'93):628-42.

Ms. Magazine:
"The art biz" v14(Nov'85):69+
"Jean Zaleski: art for women's sake" v14(May'86):40.
"The archaic smile" v3(July/Aug'92):68-72.
"To defy, reveal--and heal" v3(Nov/Dec'92):64-7.
"Everyday objects, new aesthetics" v2(Jan/Feb'92):69.

Woman's Art Journal:
"Irish Women artists: from the 18th Century to the present day" v11(Spring/Summer'90):45-7.
"Issues and insights: Canada" v13(Spring/Summer'92):3-22.
"Voices of freedom: Polish women artists and the avant-garde, 1880-1990" v14(Fall/Winter'93-'94):61.
"The New Woman as Prometheus: women artists depict women smoking" v12(Spring/Summer'91):3-9.

Women Artist News:
"In Print" v13(Sept'84):24.
"American women artists: the 20th century" v14(Winter'89-90):12.
"Women in Mexico" v15(Winter'91):2-4.
"Mexico: gender, culture, and society" v15(Winter'91):20-1.
"Women and institutions: The challenge of Soviet feminist" v15(Fall'90):19-20.

Women's Studies:
"Networking in Italy: Charlotte Cushman and the 'white marmonean flock'" v14 no.4('88):305-38.
"Cecilia Beaux: a career as portraitist" v14 no.4('88):389-411.
"Sofonisba Anguissola: history's forgotten prodigy" v18 no.2/3('90):295-308.
"Beth Van Hoesser: The art of beholding" v22 no.1('92):83-98.
"Nancy Parloff and Susan Rankait's studio dialogue, June 1992" v22 no.1('92):99-114.

Heresies: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics

More information on Women in the arts may be found in our archival sources. You may check our RESEARCH GUIDE for information on Newcomb art and pottery and for other sources available. Additional information may be found in the VERTICAL FILES under various headings:

Women Artists
Art: Fine Arts
Art Catalogs
Newcomb Artists
Papers: Women and Art
Women Artists
Women in Architecture

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