Body Image and Eating Disorders

Our body image is defined as the way we view ourselves and our own bodies. The way we see ourselves is influenced by cultural pressures concerning appearance, and these pressures also can influence the choices we make about our bodies.

Library information on Body Image may be found in several sources. To begin, check the REFERENCE SECTION for the following books:

Ref. RA778.N67 The New Our Bodies, Ourselves
Ref. RG121.C763 Ms. Guide to A Woman's Health: The Importance of a Proper Diet
Ref. HQ1180.S68 1991 Sources: Annotated Bibliography of Women's Issues
Ref. HQ1115.W645 Women's Studies Encyclopedia

More specific information is found by referring to the Women's Studies Abstracts which lists periodical articles about the subject. A reference sheet for the Abstracts is available upon request.

In order to research a more detailed subject, the following books may be helpful:

RC552.E18 F46 1994 Feminist perspectives on Eating Disorders
RC552.E18 T456 1994 A Hunger So Wide And So Deep
RC552.E18 M42 1992 Women's Conflicts About Eating and Sexuality: the Relationship Between Food And Sex
HQ1220.U5 B67 1993 Unbearable Weight
GT525.F56 1991 The Fashioned Self
RA778.S734 1990 Confessing Excess
TX361.W55 W65 Women's Conflict: Relationship Between Women and Food
RC552.A5 P34 1981 Anorexia: A Guide For Sufferer & Family
RC552.025 07 Fat Is a Feminist Issue: an Anti- Diet Guide
RM222.2C47 The Obsession: Reflection on the Tyranny of Slenderness

Along with the above sources, supplementary information may be found in the VERTICAL FILES under Body Image Taskforce within the Small Journals section. Ask for assistance in locating this file.

In additon, a catalog which lists FILMS on body image, and the CULINARY COLLECTION may be consulted. Please ask about these sources.

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