Women's Education

Women's education is a broad topic with information that can be found throughout the library. For some general material, one of the best places to start is the REFERENCE SECTION. Helpful works there include:

Ref. LC1756.T68 1991 Fact Book on Women on Higher Education
Ref. Sourcebook of Measures of Women's Educational Equity
Ref. LC1756.E93 Everywoman's Guide to Colleges and Universities: An Educational Project of the Feminist Press
Ref. HQ1180.S68 1991 Sources: Annotated Bibliography of Women's Issues
Ref. HQ1115.W645 Women's Studies Encyclopedia
Ref. LC1411.I47 1989 International Women's Handbook of Women's Education

In TULANET, OPAC lists many books on women's education that can be found in the Women's Center. While some of these books deal with historical aspects, others deal with more general topics. Some of the books that can be located by the search S=WOMEN--EDUCATION include:

Historical Aspects:
LC1481.M78 Education Women for a Changing World
LC1756.153 The Liberal Education of Women: The Demand and the Method
LC1481.K6 Women in the Modern World: Their Education and Their Dilemmas
LC1419.H56 Women and the Alphabet: A Series of Essays
LC1621.C7 H8 Sex and Education: A Reply to Dr. E.H. Clarke's "Sex in Education"
LB1567.R3 1956 Graduate Education for Women, The Radcliffe PhD: A Report by a Faculty-Trustee Committee

General Aspects:
LC197.E37 1994 The Education Feminism Reader
LC2607.W65 1992 Women's Education in the Third World
LC1481.B35 1992 Women and Literacy
HQ1423.D22 The College, the Market, and the Court: Or, Women's Relation to Education, Labor, and Law
LC1756.M27 Second Wind: A Program for Returning Women Students
PE1404.T4 1987 Teaching Writing: Pedagogy, Gender, and Equity

The Women's Center also has a number of helpful JOURNALS AND PERIODICALS whose articles can be found with the help of DNEW and DOLD on Tulanet. Some particularly helpful titles that relate to women and education include:

The Chronicle of Higher Education
Gender and Education
Women's Education des Femmes

The following journals and periodicals can be found in the VERTICLE FILES:

On Campus With Women
Women in Higher Education
American Association of University Women
Association for Women in Mathmatics

Additional onformation may be found in the VERTICLE FILES within the bibliography section under Education, as well as in the WOMEN'S STUDIES FILES under Women in Higher Education. (Please ask for assistance.)

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