I. Books -- In Tulanet, go to OPAC and enter s=feminist psychology. Some examples:

  1. GN 645.M32 1995 Beyobd the Masks: Race, Gender, and Subjectivity
  2. HQ 1206.F464 1992 Disruptive Voices: The Possibilities of Feminist Research
  3. BF 201.4.F45 1995 Feminism and Discourse: Psychological Perspectives
  4. HQ 1206.C447 1988 Feminist Counseling in Action
  5. HQ 1206.F457 1990 Feminists and Psychological Practice
  6. HQ 1206.H48 1993 Heterosexuality: A Feminism and Psychology Reader

II. Journals (at the Women's Center Library)

  1. HQ 1101.464 Women in Therapy
  2. HQ 1206.P76 Psychology of Women Quarterly
  3. RG 1.W64 Women and Health
  4. National Women's Health Network

III. Verticle Files (at the Women's Center Library)

  1. "Gender Balance in the Introductory Psychology Cirriculum"
  2. "Psychological Differences Between Women and Men"
  3. "The Psychology of Women"
  4. "Psychology -- Therapists"

IV. Women's Studies Abstracts (Women's Center Library) -- lists periodical articles about the subject. A reference sheet is available upon request.

V. Internet -- Go to Yahoo for websites and Alta Vista for Articles, etc.; enter "psychology of women" or a more specific subject to search.