Women and Humor

The subject of women and humor is fairly contained to the Women's Center. Some helpful subject headings are Women and Humor, Feminist Humor, and American Feminist Wit. To begin, the REFERENCE SECTION has some general material.

Ref. HQ1115.W645 Women's Studies Encyclopedia Vol. III
Ref. HQ1115.K73 1985 A Feminist Dictionary
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In Tulanet, OPAC lists a number of books under the key words WOMEN AND HUMOR that can be found in the Women's Center:

PN6231.F4415 1991 In Stitches: A Patchwork of Feminist Humor and Satire
PN6231.W6 C38 Real Women Never Pump Iron
PN6231.W6.P78 1980 Pulling Our Own Strings: Feminist Humor and Satire
NC1429.C59 The Educated Woman in Cartoon and Caption

DOLD has a series of older articles under the key words of WOMEN AND HUMOR:

"Between Women: A Cross Analysis of Status and Anarchic Humor" Women's Studies v.15 no. 1-3 (1988) p.135-48.
"Feminist Humor: Who Appreciates It and Why?" Psychology of Women Quarterly v.11 (Ju 87) p. 219-32.
"From Kate Sanborn to Feminist Psychology: The Social Context of Women's Humor, 1885-1985" Psychology of Women Quarterly v.10 (Ju 86) p. 155-69.

DNEW also has some articles (1990-present) that fall under this subject:

"Women and Humor" Feminist Studies v.17 (Fall 91) p. 473-92.
"Creativity, Caring, and Context: Women and Men's Accounts of Humor Preferences and Practices" Psychology of Women Quarterly v.15 (JU 91) p. 217-31.

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