Medieval Women

The topic of medieval women is a very broad subject which can include the issues of women in the arts and early feminism. By logging onto OPAC and using the keywords MEDIEVAL WOMEN and MIDDLE AGES WOMEN, a listing of books that are available in the Women's Center Library can be found. Some books that may be helpful in providing more general information are:

HQ1587.A53 vol 1 A History of Their Own: Women in Europe from Prehistory to the Present
HQ1121.S79513 1992 vol 1 A History of Women in the West
HQ1143.P68 Medieval Women
HQ1147.E85B56 Women in Medieval/Renaissance Europe

More specific information on subjects relating to medieval women can be found in the following books:

HQ1121.47 1986 vol. 2 The creation of feminist consciousness: from the Middle Ages to eighteen-seventy
PR111.F45 1990 The feminist companion to literature in English: women writers from the Middle Ages to the present
BR253.B96 1987 Holy Feast and Holy Fast: the religious significance of food to medieval women
N8354.P48 Women artists: recognition and reappraisal from the early Middle Ages to the twentieth century
ML82.N48 Women in music: an anthology of source readings from the Middle Ages to the present

Under DOLD and DNEW you can find information from journals and magazines. Using the keywords MEDIEVAL WOMEN and MIDDLE AGES WOMEN, provides you with a list of articles that can be found in the Women's Center:

"Is the courtesan of Eguchi a Buddist metaphorical woman? a feminist reading of a play in the Japanese medieval theatre." Women's Studies v.21 no.4 (1992) p.431-56.
"Male fantasy and female reality in courtly literature." Women's Studies v.11 no.1/2 (1984) p.67-97.
"Medieval Women in Castilian town Communities." Women's Studies v.11 no.1/2 (1984) p.115-38.
"Physician motives in banning medieval traditional healers." Women and Health v.21 no.1 (1994) p.83-96.
"Seeking the woman in late medieval and Renaissance writings (book review)." Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature v.10 (Fall 1991) p.317-21.
"Women and the Medieval Stage." Women's Studies v.11 no.1/2 (1984) p.115-38.
"Women, production and patriarchy in late medieval cities (book review)." Feminist Studies v.14 (Summer 1988) p.269-83.
"Women traders in medieval England." Women's Studies v.11 no.1/2 (1984) p.139-55.
"The woman warrior: gender, warfare and society in medieval Europe." Women's Studies v.17 no.3/4 (1990) p.193-209.

Additional information concerning medieval women can be found in the subject bibliographies section of the VERTICLE FILES. Also, a periodical entitled Vox Benedictina: A Journal of Feminine and Monastic Spirituality is available upon request from the JOURNALS section of the library. (This periodical is not listed on Tulanet). Please ask for assistance when trying to locate these items.

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