Women and Poetry Pathfinder

Library's collections by poets on shelf (PR3557-6023 & PS3317-5372):

Allison, Dorothy
Angelou, Maya
Anzaldua, Gloria
Behn, Aphra
Brady, Anne Halzewood
Brigh, Susan
Brown, Rita Mae
Brown, Rosellen
Bauer, Grace
Calvel, Koala
Carin, Susan
Chifton, Lucille
Connoley, Gillian
Cooley, Nicole
Dickinson, Emily
Evans, Mari
Faust, Naomi F.
Forche, Carolyn
Grann, Judy
Gure, Lee Meitzen
Hochman, Sandra
Hogan, Linda
Jona, Erica
Kelly, Brigit Pegeen
Kumin, Maxine
Lane, Pinkie Gordon
Leet, Judith
Levertov, Denise
McFerren, Martha
Owen, Sue
Pastan, Linda
Piercy, Marge
Porche, Verandah
Randall, Margaret
Sanchez, Sonia
Seabrooke, Brenda
Sebastian, Jan
Shange, Ntozake
Sherwin, Judith Johnson
Skeen, Anita
Steinberg, David
Stetson, Charlotte Perkins
Voigt, Ellen Bryant
Walker, Alice
Weir, Dara
Wildenbruch, Ernst von
Willard, Nancy
Yolen, Jane

Anthologies avilable on shelf:

Anzaldua, Gloria; Making Face, Making Soul
Barnes, Kim & Blew, Mary Clearman; Circle of Women
Bell-Scott, Patricia & Guy-Sheftall, Beverly & Royster, Jacqueline Jones & Berg, Stephen & Marks, S.J.; About Women
Bernikow, Louise; The World Split Open
Bulkin, Elly & Larkin, Joan; Lesbian Poetry
Chester, Laura; Deep Down
Donoghue, Emma; Poems Between Women: Four Centruies of Love, Romantic, Friendship, and Desire
Espinet,Ramabai Creation Fire: A CAFRA Anthology of Caribbean Women's Poetry
Favorit, Malaika Illuminated Manuscript: Poems and Prints
Federman, Lillian; Chole Plus Olivia
Fell, Alison; Hard Feeling
Forche, Carolyn; Against Forgetting: Twentieth Century Poetry of Witness
Gilbert & Gubar; Norton Anthology of Literature By Women
Goulianos, Joan; By a Woman Writt
Grace, Paley , Leaning Forward
Hoffman, Nacny & Howe, Florence; Women Working
Howe, Florence & Bass, Ellen; No More Masks
Huff, Christina & Johnson, Jennifer & Purple, Marnie; Country Women's Poetry
Huu, Gloria T.; Color, Sex and Poetry
Kaplan, Cora; Salt and Bitter and Good
Killens, John Oliver & Ward Jr., Jerry W.; Black Southern Voices
Landry, Donna The Muses of Resistance: Laboring-Class Women's Poetry in England
Mahl, Mary R. & Koon, Helene; The Female Spectator
Malcolm, Janet The Silent Women: Sylvia Plath & Ted Hughes
McKinley, Catherine E. & Delaney, Joyce L.; Afrekete
Mohn, Lillian; One foot on the Mountain
Moraga, Cherrie & Anzaldua, Gloria; This Bridge Called My Back
Nekola, Charlotte & Rabinowitz, Paula; Writing Red
Newman, Charles; The Art of Sylvia Plath
Pearson, carol & Pope, Kathrine; Who Am I this Time
Reddy, Maureen T. & Roth, Martha & Sheldon, Amy; Mother Journeys
Segnitz, Barbara & Rainey, Carol; Psyche
Sewell, Marilyn; Claiming the Spirit Within: A Source book of Women's Poetry
Seyersted, Per; Complete Works of Kate Chopin
Sims-Wood, Janet & Decosta-Willis, Miriam & Fultz, Lucie; Double Stitch
Sorberger, Judith; All My Grandmothers Could Sing: Poems By Nebraska Women
Standsford, Ann; The Women Poets in English
Stetson, Charlotte Perkins; In This Our World
Taylor, Dena & Sumrall, Amber Coverdale; Time of Our Lifes
Watts, Emily Stipes The Poetry of American Women From 1632-1945
Weaks, Mary Louise & Perry Carolyn; Southern Women's Writing
Zandy, Janet; Calling Home

Some Criticisms and Essay Collections;

Barker, Wendy; Lunacy of Light
Depas-Orange & Evans, Robert C.; "The Birthday of Myself": Martha Moulsworth Renaissance Poet
Ewell, Barbara C. Kate Chopin
Gilbert, Sandra M. & Gubar, Susan; The Mad Woman in the Attic
Pollack, Vivian R.; The Anxiety of Gender
Watts, Emily Stipes; The Poetry of American Women

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