Women in Politics

Women In Politics is a very broad subject in our library. It is possible to use the following reference sources to establish a base for research on this topic. To begin with the REFERENCE SECTION contains numerous sources which can be used. Some reference sources that may be helpful are:

Ref. G1201.E1S5 Atlas On American Women
Ref. HQ1154.W47 Women's Liberation

We also carry the JOURNAL Women and Politics. This journal may be very helpful in locating information.

In the VERTICLE FILES it is possible to look up a specific woman politician such as Lindy Boggs. Ask for help in locating the proper files.

If other articles ares needed, the Women's Studies Abstracts may be used or the DNEW option of Tulanet.

Some books on the subject that are available in the center are:

HQ1154.S64 Breaking Out: Feminist Consciousness and Feminist Research
HQ1206.F447 1990 Feminism and Political Theory
K644.M33 Towards A Feminist Theory of The State
HQ1426.M29 You Won't Do
HQ1236.5.C5.A36 1987 Scraps of Life: Chilean Women and the Pinochet Dictatorship
HQ1412.G36 1988 Women Activist: Challenging the Abuse of Power
HQ1121.Z34 Women & the Politics of Culture
HQ1642.I76 1991 Italian Feminist Thought: A Reader
HQ1460.5.C66 1994 Confronting Change, Challenging Tradition: Women In Latin American History
HQ1663.E53 Mothers and Daughters: Women of the Intelligentsia in the 19th Century Russia
HQ1391.U5B43 1986 American Women and Political Participation: the Impacts of War Generation and Feminism
HQ1236.5.U6p65 Political Women: Current Role in State and Local Government
HQ1426.L45 The Women Citizen: Social Feminism in the 1920's

Many other books on various subheadings of WOMEN IN POLITICS can be found by using TULANET.

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