November 3, 1997

Statement of Policy
Sexual Harassent

Tulane University is an educational instituation committed to providing an enviroment to study and work free from sexual parassment. Sexual harassment, as per the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) Guidelins, is an affront to human dignity and is fundamentally at odds with the values of this University.

Tulane has never tolerated sexual harassment by members of the University community, and I am taking this opportunity to reaffirm out dedication to providing an enviroment that is fair, humane, and responsible.

I hope that occurences of sexual harassment at Tulane are exceedinglly rare. However, individuals who believe themselves to be victims of sexual harassement should report such situations to Tualne's Office of Equal Opportunity at 865-5280 or 587-7617, their department chaor, dean, or supervisor. Any retaliation, verbal, or otherwise taken against individuals for filing or cooperating in an investigation of a sexual harassment complaint constitutes an unlawful practice and a violation of this policy.

Individuals need not lodge a formal grievance or make a written complaint in order to seek counseling from any of the above persons or offices. However, the Office of Equal Opportunity must be informed, by the University official contacted, of the alleged harassment and any action taken.

Eamon M. Kelly