Dale Spender

Australian born Dale Spender has been a prolific author of feminist works for the past few decades. As well as her impressive collection of books, she has also edited several bibliographical texts and spent time teaching at the university level.

Several of her works available at the Women's Center Library include:

LC2042.E36 Education Papers: Women's Quest for Equality
HQ1397.K63 1992 Knowledge Explosion: Generations of Feminist Scholarship
(In Process) Learning to Lose: Sexism and Education
P120.S48 S540 Man Made Language
HQ1399.M4 Men's Studies Modified: The Impact of Feminism on the Academic Disciplines
CT2808.S67 A4 1987 Scribbling Sisters
HQ1585.S645 There's Always Been a Women's Movement This Century
HQ1154.S62 1984 Time and Tide Wait for No Man
HQ1206.S68 Women of Ideas: What Men Have Done to Them From Aphra Behn to Adrienne Rich
PN471.S64 The Writing or the Sex? or Why You Don't Have to Read Women's Writing to Know It's No Good

An article available by her is:

"An Alternative to Madonna." Ms. Vol. 4 (July/August 1993): 44-45.

Book Reviews of her work can be accessed through DOLD on Tulanet by typing: A=SPENDER DALE

She may be contacted through her agent:

Dale Spender
c/o Tessa Sayle
11 Jubilee Place, Chelsea
London S.W. 3

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