Split Britches

Split Britches is a lesbian feminist perfromance group and there are several sources to consult when looking for information on them. Perhaps a good starting point would be:

(In Process) Split Britches: Lesbian Practice/Feminist Performance

A book found in the Women's Center Library that contains several scripts of their performance pieces, as well as some background on the group's history, and a good bibliography from which to find other pertinent sources.

Several Books available at *Howard-Tilton* which include essays relating to "Split Britches" are:

PS151.F46 1989 Feminine Focus: The New Women Playwrights
PN2039.C75 1992 Critical Theory and Performance
PN1590.W64 A38 1993 Acting Out: Feminist Performances
PS627.H67 G38 1993 Gay and Lesbian Plays Today
PS338.W6 M3 1989 Making a Spectacle: Feminist Essays on Contemporary Women's Theatre

*We are in the process of ordering some of these books for the Women's Center Library as well.

It would also be helpful to consult the indexes of several prominent theatre journals or newspapers to find essays and/or reviews. Some of those available at Howard-Tilton or the Women's Center are:

(HT) PN2000.P47 Performing Arts Journal
(HT) 792.05 E25 Theatre Journal
(HT) 808.205 T917 Drama Review
(HT) AP2.K426 Kenyon Review
(HT) NX1.H53 High Performance
(HT) Microforms/Newspapers New York Times
(HT) M/N The Village Voice
(WC) Ms. Magazine
(WC) Women's Review of Books

A specific article on Deb Margolin can be found in:

(HT) PN2000.A43 American Theatre. vol. 13 May/June 1996: 38-40. "Deb Margolin: Take Back Your Proscenium," by Douglas Langworthy.

Further information can be gathered by researching feminist or lesbian theatre. Try different subjects or keywords on Tulanet, or consult the pathfinder for "Women and Theatre".

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