Statistical information in the library may be found in these main sources:

REF HQ 1420. A53 1990 The American Women
REF LO1755.T68 Factbook On Women in Higher Education
REF HQ 1420 T34 1991 Statistical Handbook On Women in America
HQ 1115.W64 Women's Action Almanac
G 1201.E16 1986 The Women's Atlas of the United States
HQ 1233.D35 1996 Women in the Material World
REF G 1201.E1 S5 Atlas of American Women

Women's Action Coalition: The Facts About Women
This is a great general information source for a variety of topics. THe source is not for general library use, so please ask to see the copy in Verticle Files. This book can also be purchased in the bookstore for $5. It is a great tool for statistical information on numerous women's issues.

Statistical Abstract of the US 1996
The Status of Women in the United States
A Guide to the Data Resources
Women . . . A World Survey
The World's Women 1995 Trends and Statistics
The World's Women 1970-1990 Trends & Statistics