How Dress Affects Women

The following is a start for research on the affects of dress on the role of women in society. As a broad subject, this has been broken down into the different sub headings that books and articles on this subject were found on tulanet.


k= women and clothing

k=women and fashion

k=women and costume

k=woman and dress


k=women and clothing

In addition, a selected bibliography was compiled by the Louisiana State Museum in March 1981 by Maud Lyon available in the Library Information book.

Cunnington, C.W. Why Women Wear Clothes. Faber, 1941.

According to the Arnold bibliography, this presents some interesting theories and entertaining extracts from contemporary sources.

Flugel, J.C. The Psychology of Clothes. Hogarth Press, 1956.

According to the Arnold bibliography, this is a basic work with a good bibliography.

Horn, Marilyn J. The Second Skin, and Interdisciplinary Study of Clothing. Houghton Mifflin co., Boston, 1968.

Good approach to clothing as both cultural and psychological artifacts. Textbook layout, but provocative and worth reading. Treats clothes as social documents, and particularly as indicators of identity and self-expression. More anthropological than historical.

Squire, Geoffrey. Dress and Society 1560-1970. New York, Viking Press, 1974.

Interesting discussion of the social function of clothes. Oriented toward psychology.