Women in the Workforce

Women in the workforce is a fairly broad subject. Under this subject are sub-topics such as the "history of women in the workforce", "discrimination against women", "sexual harassment", "maternity and the work place", "wage earnings", and so forth.

To begin with, check the REFERENCE SECTION of the Women's Center Library for the following sources:

Ref. HQ115.W64 Women's Action Almanac
Ref. HQ1115.W65 Women's Studies Encyclopedia
Ref. HQ1154.W47 Women's Liberation
Ref. HQ1180.S68 Sources: An Annotated Bibliography of Women's Issues
Ref. HQ1402.A52 The American Women
Ref. HQ1410.H36 Handbook of American Women's History
Ref. HQ1420.T34 Statistical Handbook on Women's History
Z7962.H37 Women in American History
Ref. Statistical Abstract of the United States

More information on Women in the Workforce may be found in the Women's Studies Abstracts which lists periodical articles about the subject. Reference sheet available upon request.

Using the TULANET, under OPAC, you can find an extensive list of books concerning this subject. You may also try keyword search under K=WOMEN AND EMPLOYMENT. Among the following books available at the center are:

HD6079.205F6 Women and the American Labor Movement: from WWI to present
HD6095.K45 Women have always worked: a historical overview
HD6053 Unequal Work
HD6095.M17 Wage-earning Women
HD6053.E26 The Economics for Women and Work
HD6058.M32 The Effects of Social Class on Female's Perception of TraditionalSex-role Adherence in Occupation
HQ1381.I47 The Integration of Women into the Economy.

Under DNEW and DOLD, you may find plenty of information from journals and magazines. The following articles are examples concerning the subject matter:

"Creating Jobs we can't be fired from" Ms. v2(Mar/Apr'92):p,21+
"The technicolor workplace" Ms. v3 (Nov/Dec 92):84-5
"Discrimination at the top" Working Woman v.17 Sep'92: 68-71.
"Male-female relationships in the work place:perceived motivations in office romance" Sex Roles v.25,Aug'91:163-80.
"Preganacy discrimination alert" Working Mothers v.17, June 94:34+
"Trend check: Are women really leaving the work force?"Working Women v.16, Oct'92:34.
"The Truth about Women's Pay" Working Woman v.18, Apr.'93:52-4+
"Writing the History of Black and white working class women" Women's Studies v.17 no.1/2('89):37-48.

Additional information concerning women in the workforce may be found in the VERTICLE FILES under Employment. Ask for assistance in locating this file.

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