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Women's Studies at Tulane is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program integrating over 30 courses taught by 25 Women's Studies Faculty and Faculty Associates representing 11 academic departments. The program encourages students to engage fully in the major activities of a liberal arts education -- reading, writing, thinking and remembering -- to consider how women's lives are differently experienced depending upon race, class, region, religion, age, sexual orientation, historical period and cultural context. The program of study recognizes the role of Newcomb College as a coordinate college for women within a major research university and encourages the participation of students in the production of new research on women. The program also acknowledges the roots of women's studies within the women's movement and offers students the opportunity to link theory and practice through internships in community agencies. Students are encouraged to use this knowledge and experience in careers benefitting the lives of both women and men.

The intellectual project of the major and minor in Women's Studies is supported by lectures, films, discussions and other programs organized and funded through Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, and by the resources avaiable at the Nadine R. Vorhoff (Women's Studies) Library, the Newcomb Archives, and in the Sophie B. Wired Computer/Multimedia Cluster. All of these resources, along with the Women's Studies administrative office, are housed on the Newcomb College Campus in Caroline Richardson Hall.

So you want to be a women's studies major or minor?

A major in women's studies consists of a minimum of 33 credits. Three courses are required: the prerequisite course WMST 290: Intro to Women's Studies; WMST 399: Feminist Theories; and WMST 497: Research in Women's Studies. In addition, it it recommended that majors conclude their programs of study with WMST 498: Senior Project. The remaining courses must be selected from among those approved by the Women's Studies program within the following distribution requirements: a minimum of 6 credits from the Humanities and Fine Arts and a minimum of 6 credits from Social Sciences, with not more than 9 credits from a single department. Normally, the elective courses are taken at the 300 level and above. A maximum of 12 credits taken to satisfy the college distribution requirement may be applied toward the major in women's studies. Students electing women's studies as one of two majors must complete all requirements for the women's studies major and earn at least 27 different (non-overlapping) credits in women's studies.

A minor in women's studies consists of a minimum of 18 credits. Two courses are required: WMST 290:Introduction to Women's Studies and WMST 399: Feminist Theories. The remaining courses must be selected from among those approved by the Women's Studies Program with not more than two courses selected from the same department. Courses applied to the student's major field of study may not be applied toward the women's studies minor.

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Students interested in women's studies as an academic major or minor should consult with the program director, Beth Willinger, for assistance in selecting appropriate elective courses. Please call (504) 865-5238 for additional information or to make an appointment.

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