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What was Newcomb like in the past?

This is the girl after whom Newcomb was named, Sophie Newcomb. She was born on July 29, 1855, and died of diptheria on December 16th, 1870. Her mother, Josephine Louise Newcomb, donated the money to create this college to remember her daughter.
Here we have what we think is the graduating class of 1894. If you have any information on any of these pictures, please let us know!
This is the graduating class of 1895.
Do you think they knew that Newcomb would last for over 100 more years?
And here we have a domestic science class. Keep up the work, ladies! You'll be finished with those clothes in no time!
Cheer up, ladies!
Don't you know you're in the 1906 Jambalaya?
But not all of Newcomb was sewing and posing for pictures. We had to study as well.
A shot from the 1914 Newcomb Athletics Department. Aren't those outfits just to die for?
At the end of World War I, a Newcomb Relief Unit travelled to France to assist soldiers and civilians. This is their photo from 1919. Seated, from left to right, are Edith Dupre, Caroline Richardson, and Anna Many. Standing from left to right are Edna Danziger, Celeste Eshleman, Marion Monroe, Mary Palfrey, and Nettie Barnwell. They helped a great many number of people. Learn more about the history of the Unit.

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