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What was Newcomb like in the past?

Newcomb girls can do anything! They can write, draw, design, and even put up posters!
"Newcomb!" "Tulane!"
With the change into the '20's came the moving onto the Broadway campus we all know and love.
Even though we were part of Tulane University, and on a new campus, we still had to wear those bloomers on Field Day!
There used to be a statue of St. George on the Newcomb campus. Do you suppose these 1930 freshmen asked him to help fight their dragons?
No matter what struggles Newcomb girls face, there's always time to stop and draw the flowers!
And here we have the graduating class of 1940, looking back on their life at Newcomb. From left to right, Martha Powers, Adele Ramos, Madeline Gallagher, and Becky Kreckel.
And here's another abandoned Newcomb fashion (thankfully): Beanies for the freshmen, as this 1940's photo shows us.
Newcomb's Athletics Department had its share of Amazons.
Let's hope these girls weren't aiming at anyone in particular.
In the 1950s, this delightful duo, Patricia & Elizabeth Patterson, were Newcomb students.
But no matter how much fun Newcomb was, there was always work to be done!

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